Thriving Mama Thursday- Happy 2012!

Happy New Year Thriving Mamas!  2012 has arrived.  

After a nice long break, quality time with family, no schedules, lots of rain and wind, too much good food, I am glad to be getting back in routine. This week I am culling through the many many emails regarding new years resolutions, new and improved you, a better you in 2012…
So I feel torn about making resolutions, having neglected to spend time writing out my own goals for 2012, and given only fleeting thought to the idea that our family should sit down and talk about what we hope to do and be in 2012.  What is different about a New Years Resolution and a regular personal or professional growth goal?  Other then that the calender says we have started a brand new year, and that millions of other people are simultaneously setting resolutions, I’m certain that you have no better chance at following through on goals set on Jan 1 then on goals set any other time of the year. 

So while I do believe there is value in reflecting on the past year, (what worked, what did not, what you accomplished), and value in gathering your intentions for the next twelve months, I prefer to subscribe to monthly goal setting steps.  These monthly goals can add up to a year long goal, but far easier to set up a structure by which you can regularly review progress, adjust your direction, and stay accountable.  Your monthly goals will need to have action steps that are more concrete and that can be implemented daily.  For example, your goal for 2012 may be to get in better shape or to be more organized.  Break this down to measurable goals for each month, or start with January, and set an appt with yourself to review and set goals for February. 

Your goal for the month may be to address one room in your house, or lose five pounds.  Some daily actions might be to drink water before each meal, eat one extra piece of fruit, walk 10 minutes, or to put recycle all excess paper, set up recycling bins near your incoming mail sorting area.

You get the idea.  Make it simple and achievable and all the little steps will add up to accomplishing the bigger goals!  Call them what ever you like, just take actions one step at at time, one day at a time!

Heres to a great, fullfilling, and healthy year!!!

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Cheers, Rachel

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