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Easter is just around the corner! I love this season, spring and all the colors, the excitement of watching the children run around searching for surprises in the grass, flowers blooming, rain subsiding (lets hope) and sun shining more.  And while I also love jellybeans, chocolate eggs,  and Peeps, I continue to be keenly aware of the affects of too much sugar on all of my family members.  Thus, I have been compiling ideas for lower sugar, more fun easter treat ideas, to infuse into my easter baskets, and local community easter egg hunt.  Here’s my current list of ideas:

Egg fillers- silly band bracelets, stickers, temporary tattoos, little rubber stamps, tiny bottles of bubbles stuff, flower seeds with a slip of paper listing their name and planting instructions (nasturtiums and calendula work well), super balls, fun pencil erasers, fun fridge magnets, mini animal or dinosaur figures, finger puppets, silly putty, nuts, raisins, sugar free gum… 

And for the basket: stuffed animals, small wooden easter themed puzzles, wind up hoppy toys, small musical instruments, handheld mazes, tiny etch a sketch, colorful pencils, stainless steel water bottles, bicycle light, horn, streamers, pretty spring themes cookie cutters, playdough, pens, crayons, matchbox cars, small coloring books…  Think future activities!

Happy Easter to all!

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