Carry an attitude of gratitude into the New Year!

Presents are wrapped, cookies eaten and dispersed, and my list of “ways to simplify the holidays next year” is tucked safely in a box of unfinished craft projects.  I have time to reminisce over the past year.  I feel waves of gratitude as I think about all the wonderful, creative, and generous people who touched my life this year. 

My Husband who is an amazing cook, dad, spouse, among many other things that would be too lengthy to list here.

My mothers daily caregiver, as well as my Aunt Jan and dear family friend, Becky who also care deeply for my mother as she moves into later stage alzheimers, requiring more and more care.

Angela Adams who founded Born Again Pitbull Rescue , and regularly re-homes rescued dogs from N CA and from the Portland area shelters.

Lillie Last and Wayne Perley who lovingly fostered our dog before we adopted her.

My friend Claire who gave Zoe the cutest Christmas dress ever!

Our son’s kindergarten and first grade teachers, Ms Penny and Mr. Claborn, who continue to inspire and challenge him, while maintaining a love for school!

The Chief Joseph PTA

Crystal, Kjirsten, and Jadah who provided excellent childcare to our children over the year

My data entry/book keeper

Heritage billing services who keeps my business in order,

Dre, founder of our local intentional community cooperative SwapnPlay

All of our great and thoughtful neighbors who make this a neighborhood!

I could go on and on, and will do so in my head, as I practice an attitude of gratitude this year. 

But enough about me, what about you?  Who are you grateful for?  Who touched your life over the past year?  How did they touch your life?  And how will you touch lives in the new year?  How can you pay it forward?  Volunteering? Thoughtful acknowledgements? Sharing what you have plenty of?

Happy New Year to you and yours!



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