A Helpful Reframe

So, here is a little funny story you working moms may get a chuckle out of. 
SO mornings that I work are hectic, no two ways about it.  Often my husband sticks around to help get everyone packed with the right equipment, and loaded into the van for the drop offs.  However this morning, he left early, before the children were even awake.  My son became hysterical upon realizing he had not gotten to say goodbye to Daddy, so I allowed him to text him while we drove to school.  Unfortunately, the phone rang, and despite me barking orders not to answer the phone and to toss it to me, it got answered while it was sailing through the air from the back of the van.  By now I had stopped to retrieve the phone from the middle area of the van, was scolding my son for answering it, noticing that he had Angry Birds on the screen, and was hoping that the caller was not a client.  But sure enough, the caller was an unknown number, most likely a client, whom I inadvertantly hung up on in my hast to grab the phone.  I stewed half the morning about how embarrassing it is to have a client call and hear an earful of screaming children, ranting mom and radio noise (not a proud mama moment).  I begin judging myself all over the place for poor parenting choices, unprofessional conduct etc..

And sure enough, later that morning, the same number popped up on my phone, I answered to a potential new mama client.  When I commented apologetically for the earlier phone experience, she laughed and said she assumed it was my recording, expressing just how it is to juggle work with motherhood.  She said it was a perfect snippet of mama reality.  Including my sons voice saying “mommy, it might be daddy calling” among all the other noises.

So I smiled, and thought to myself, maybe I should record my morning reality on my voice mail message.  But more importantly it struck me that I automatically assumed the worst about how others might perceive an experience with out knowing how they really experienced it.  And I automatically jumped to self judgement and criticism.  Any of you relate to this?

Give yourself a break today!


But sure enough,

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