Thriving Mama Thursdays- service to others

Service to others. I just saw a shocking image on my cousins facebook page.  The title: “define necessity”, and the image was a photo of horribly malnourished child lying in the dirt, opposite a photo of very extravagantly decorated and decked out childs room.   I am deeply affected.

This season presents us with many opportunities to help others (in our neighborhood, community, city, country and beyond). If you desire a more meaningful holiday, then volunteering your time, treasures or talents is a profound way to give back while staying aware of all you have to be grateful for.  Check your local paper and United Way office or google “volunteer oportunities” for a list of ways you can give back.  Start small.  Get your kids involved.  Spend Black Friday going through closets and donating unused cloths, toys, supplies to local charities rather then joining the frenzied masses at the mall. 

“The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action.” Mother Teresa

Happy Thanksgiving to you, 

Remember your blessings and share them!



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