Thriving Mama Thursdays- Creative Energy

What is your focus or theme this season?

Express your Creativity. Some of you may find tremendous joy, satisfaction and passion through creating unique hand made gifts, decorations or food items for family and friends. If you feel like you have been ignoring your creative side, take this time to brainstorm with your family or friends on simple but fun things you can do which utilize your creativity and innovation.
(I debated over ordering snapfish postcard greeting cards this year, or spending the time to make hand-made crafty holiday cards, and realized that while it would be more simple to send our holiday wishes and family picture on preprinted postcards, it is really therapeutic for me to spend time cutting, hole punching, and glueing hand made cards.  I have a crafting station set up, out of reach of little hands, and I can sneak away for even five minutes at at time, which I am finding to be very relaxing ).  So explore what makes you happy, relaxed, and taps into your creative self and indulge!



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