What about mom?


What are you passionate about? For most moms we can easily identify what we are passionate about when it comes to our childrens needs. We know what types of friendships we want for our children, food we want them to eat and how much rest/physical activity they should have each day. We spend a great deal of time each day coordinating these very things. (Yes, I did just sign my kids up for toddler dance, toddler gymnastics, kids basketball and swim lessons, spread out between now and December.) If I were to ask you the same question but for you to only include yourself in the answer, what would you say? Are you spending the same level of energy, passion, ideas and coordination to ensure that your life is working well?

This week, begin to think about your own personal passions. What do you desire to do with your life? Are you living on purpose? Do you feel fulfilled? Are you orchestrating success in your life?

Many of my clients have found the process to answering these questions powerful and at times surprising because they realize the lack of balance in their life. Know that if you don’t like your answer, you can change your outcome by changing your actions.  Coaching may help you to strategize your own life plan. If you love your answers to this question, then I celebrate you and encourage you to push yourself by continuing to grow.
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