Week 6 of Grace and Mindfulness: Get Out of the Past

Move out of the past into the present!Let go of the past. Obviously, detaching from negative experiences in our past is easier said than done. If it were that easy, half of my clients would not need to work with me. But it is something we must all learn to do in order to keep living in the present. The clearest way to let go of the impact of the past, is to forgive, both ourselves and others. When you find yourself focusing on regrets, or hurtful memories, explore why it is important to hold on to it.  We can not change the past.  

What function is your guilt or resentment serving?  Is there any benefit to keep reliving, or fueling your guilt or anger over past events? 

What process do you need in order to let go, forgive yourself? forgive others? Forgiveness does not mean you condone the behavior or the choice, only that you move from anger to acceptance about it.   It may be helpful to work with a counselor if you are burdened with the past and struggling to forgive!

To Grace and Mindfulness!




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