Week 4 of grace and mindfulness: Serenity

This is own of my favorite topics.  Serenity. Make time for your serenity. Our hectic schedules don’t allow for much “me” time. We run around taking care of business, chores and others so that we often forget to take care of ourselves. Take 30 minutes out of your day (today and every day) simply to bond with yourself in your favorite way. Bask in the beauty of your own company. Take a walk, practice yoga, stretch, write down your thoughts or meditate quietly. Practice letting go of what you can not control or change.  Do whatever helps you get back in touch with yourself.  Gently allow thoughts of others, or tasks, or “shoulds” slip away while you focus on this time with yourself.  Ponder your dreams, your goals.  

I am reminded of a client who surprised herself by taking a short coffee break and while sipping away, taking in the coffee shop scene, she suddenly remembered her young self, her dreams, and the aspirations she had locked away for years.   She was overwhelmed and amazed that she has so effectively put her own needs away, while tending to her marriage, young children and career.  

Don’t wait 10 years to find your own serenity again!  For a nice lengthy list of ideas for self care, click here!

Warm wishes,



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