Thursday Already? August Already????

So it is already Thursday, and already August.  How is your summer going?  Kids enjoying summer break?  Have you taken a few days off, gotten to the river, lake, or ocean beach?

Honestly, I am reassessing my list of things I wanted to do this summer as time flies by, and it recently occured to me that I do indeed have to work in between summer fun family activities.  In hindsight, I think I came up with my summer list with the assumption that I was also on summer break.  And yes, while being self employed allows me to make my own schedule, it does not allow me to take three months off at a time (with out negative financial consequences). 

So I am at the point yet again of letting go.  Feeling overwhelmed by my own manic planning, feeling overwhelmed by some other responsibilities that have come up unexpectedly, and reviewing what is realistic.  At first I was discouraged by the fact that I am familair with this place of feeling overextended, and having to re-evaluate yet again, what is a realistic juggling load.  But after meeting with a couple clients, who are grappling this very issue, I am letting go of judging myself, and accepting that my life is circular, or maybe spiral.  Some of the same challenges come around every so often, and it does not mean that I have failed.  It means I get to try new skills/tools or approaches to navigating said challenge.  So I am letting go of some of my expectations of summer, some of my plans!  Afternoons in the pool, play dates, and parent run (by me) art camp for son’s friends are all falling by the wayside.  We have done swim lessons, had birthday parties, built fairy houses, played with friends, gone camping (alot), spent time at the beach (alot).  Good enough! 

If you are relating to this post, please stop putting undue pressure on yourself, and let go!  Keep it simple for the rest of summer and enjoy!!!

Summer fun

Cheers, Rachel

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