Thriving Mama Thursdays- Keep it Simple


Keeping it simpleSimplicity. Many of us throw ourselves into overwhelm due to unrealistic expectations around the holidays. We simply try to do too much, play the supermom. Maybe this is the year when less is more for you.  Those of you who have small children, think about what is really important for them (and you as a family).  What will they remember, and what will you enjoy?  We opt to skip putting up our own outside lights, and instead cruise the neighborhood to look at other light displays.  You may decide that the experience of getting a tree from a tree farm complete with tractor rides, bonfires, and hot cocoa is worthwhile as it is a family experience, or you may opt for a simple potted fir.  Are labor intensive meals or treats worth the effort, or would your family enjoy simple treats and meals and more of your time and energy to look a the neighbors christmas lights?

You decide, you are the grown up!

Cheers, Rachel

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