Thriving Mama Thursday: Time outs

Here is another important tip for reducing negative impact of stress in your home!
Take a break
You may not be able to avoid all the stress, but you can get away for just a few minutes to feel less overwhelmed. Giving yourself permission to take a brief “stress break” is often enough to decompress or just give a new perspective.   You will also be modeling the skill to your children.  Taking a quick break can include:

Taking a Mommy time out: Put up a “do not disturb” sign on your bedroom door.  Stretch,
Lie down,
Listen to 
relaxing music or
Visualize your favorite soothing place in your mind.  
Take five minutes to decompress.

Give permission to “take a time out”: Let everyone in your family know it’s OK to walk away until they can get back in control. Some families create a family signal such as using an umpire “Time Out” hand gesture that means that the person needs to decompress but is not walking away disrespectfully.

Try it!

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