Thriving Mama Thursday: Stress Tips

Concerned that stress is having a negative affect on your children, on your parenting?

Make laughing a priority:  The American Psychological Association reports that stressed people often hold a lot of stress in their faces. Laughs, smiles and giggles can help relieve some of that tension. So when is the last time you belted out a good, long belly laugh with your kids? Find ways to bring a little more fun into your life to curb stress and create fun family memories.  We have regular tickle attacks at our house.  Tickle-fests can be effective when kids are grumpy too to shift out of the bad mood!

Be spontaneous: Celebrate the dog’s birthday by baking her cupcakes.  Make cookies for the neighbors just because.  Say yes to your childs request to paint a mural on the wall.  Eat breakfast for dinner.  Just have fun!

Cheers, Rachel

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