Thriving Mama Thursday- Patience

Dear Thriving Mamas,

Today I am practicing patience.  Patience when things do not go your way, patience when you have a cold, your fax machine does not work, the phone company can not help you, the fax machine tech support can not help you, you forgot your lunch… Patience when your toddler draws all over herself with markers and has am elt down when you remove them from her iron grasp, patience when your son looses his new waterbottle, sweatshirt, and favorite Pokemon book, as well as two weeks worth of homework.  And you find that you need new tires when you go to have your air pressure checked (on a tire) Ever have these days?

Take a deep breath.  Think about all your blessings.  What is going right?  Make a list, on paper or in your head.  Tomorrow is a new day, and the sun is out today!

Wishing you and I much Patience,


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