Thriving Mama Thursday- Intention


Dear Thriving Mamas-

Today I am thinking about intentions.  I have had a string of clients who present with general anxiety, and express desire to be able to slow down, experience and enjoy the moment, to live with intention.  I am struggling with this very issue myself today.   I am preparing to head to the coast for a long weekend with the family, and in order to maximize our time there, I have been planning ahead and packing all week, so that today, we can get out of town smoothly after our son’s basketball game.  I keep having to pull myself back into the moment, as I get sidetracked with thoughts of what to pack, what not to forget, what I plan to do while we are there… 

And here we are, in Portland, having the most beautiful Fall day ever, sunny, crispy air, gorgeous leaf color.  I better go outside right now to soak it in!  But before I do, I want to share an exercise for you to practice-  Take time today to be in the moment!  Observe your posture, your body, observe your environment, the sounds, smells, temperature.  Just be for a minute or more.  How does the air feel on your skin?  Where are your shoulders?  your neck muscles?  Are you breathing deeply?

Practice intention today!  Intentionally be in the moment.  Now I will sign off to take my own advice!!!

More on this topic soon, Blessings!


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