Thriving Mama Thursday- Holiday tips- Rest

Rejuvenate- make time for yourself this season!

Rest and rejuvenation. This year has been a stressful one for many. Most of us don’t realize how tired—physically and emotionally—we really are. This might be the time for you to “schedule unscheduled time” so you can relax into long naps, enjoy a restorative yoga or movement class, lazy walks in nature and lots of downtime.  Okay, maybe that is asking a bit much if you have small children, but how about lying down for five minutes with a heat pack on your neck?  Spending five minutes watching the leaves fall out of the trees.  Saying “no” to an event that will tax your energy.  Practice “less is more” when it comes to holiday activities.  Perhaps your theme this holiday season is to just slow down!

Try it!


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