Thriving Mama Thursday- guilt free and loving it!

Guilt freeSo I have been on a sustained mission to declutter one small area of my house at a time. Baby steps, right? Especially as summer approaches, and I have this increasing urge to streamline, to get rid of excess stuff.  So one or two bags are trickling to the local donation truck every week or so.  The other day, I had an experience that made me think that I may have arrived at the guilt-free-zone we mamas have all been seeking. 
I decided to clean and declutter the mantle above the fireplace.   To my amusement, I found dried cedar garland, and Christmas ornament hooks, nestled among random lego masterpieces, stored out of reach of little sisters curious hands, a wind-up singing doll, spent tealights, a toy gun, and several beautiful polished rocks.  I smiled to myself, realizing that I have not cleaned or cleared off the mantle since Christmas when I clearly did remove larger seasonal decor. 

I did not feel even a twinge of guilt, or self criticism.  Do you know what I thought?  I thought “fabulous, I have been spending so much fun time with my family that it never occured to me to deal with minor details like cleaning after Christmas”.

One small victory for me, and yes, the Christmas leftovers have been removed and the rest of the odd collection rearranged on the mantle, until next year.



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