Thriving Mama Thursday- Be Silly

be spontaneousBe Silly, Creative, and Spontaneous

Leave room in your schedule for life to just happen!  You never know when a whim will hit you or your children, and you want to be able to act on it.  Some of my favorite times as a mom, are when I have very consciously made no plans, and trust fate to lead us.  We still engage in activities of course,  but they are very low key, and require little effort in planning.  Those days are spent visiting with friends, blowing bubbles in the backyard, meandering through the park, creating a new playhouse from an large washing machine box, cutting snowflakes from the paper recycling, or baking multi colored sugar cookies for no reason.  Those are the days when I let go of the many grown up pressures, and decide to be in the moment with my kids.  Granted, little laundry gets done, and emails, or return phone calls are minimal.  But on the flip side, I am not pressured to get the kids off to school, or daycare, me to meetings, or to the store.  My expectations of the day are flexible and open to creative ideas.  Let your child’s imagination guide the day (or an hour of the day).  The other day, I was watching two extra little girls, and they wanted to paint, so we set up three wooden kid chairs and three colors of tempera paint (outside) and they painted happily for an hour.  
Don’t be afraid to break the schedule, be spontaneous and have a whimsical day with the kids!

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