Just Breathe!

Start with the basics!

Reduce your stress and everwhelm in just minutes a day!  Try this simple exercise to improve your mood, increase your patience, and create moments of serenity in your busy day.
Get oxygen to your brain and slow down your thoughts!  Practice mindful breathing in your everyday life. 

To Do:

Find comfortable position seated or standing, feet grounded, back relaxed.  Focus on your breath. Breath in through your nose, exhale through your mouth, use the word “in” as you inhale, and “out” as you exhale on.  Let all busy thoughts fall away, focus on the air going in and out of your body, feel it filling your lungs, leaving your body, breath for 60 seconds.  Practice this exercise through out the day, regardless of your emotional state.  

Mindful breathing can be a very effective tool in managing stress or intense emotions, but will be more effective if you are in the habit of practicing it on a regular basis where ever you are!  You do not need to go to a quiet mediation room to effectively calm your mind and slow down run away thoughts and emotions.

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