Stress management does not have to cost you $$$!

Inexpensive tips to reduce your stress response

Greetings Mamas,

While responding to a recent article query, I brainstormed a handy list of ways to manage our stress without spending much or any money! Take a look and commit to practice one of these ideas each day this week!

  • Take a walk in a park by yourself,
  • Take kids on a nature hunt, collect pinecones,sticks, and treasures in a bucket,
  • Lie in the grass and watch the clouds on a warm day,
  • Cuddle with your pet,
  • Cuddle with your partner,
  • Make love,
  • Practice mindful breathing,
  • Use positive affirmations,
  • Repeat the Serenity Prayer,
  • Spend five minutes stretching,
  • Purchase a yoga DVD, and do yoga in your livingroom,
  • Download soothing music, listen to it during stressful times, (I like Walela, Enya, Enigma,and Loreena McKennit as well as anything with “relaxation, tranquility, or escape in the title)
  • Turn the lights down and light fragrant candles,
  • Envision your happy calm place,(Golden Bay, South Island, New Zealand anyone?)
  • Focus on the positives, the blessings in your life,(your health, kids health, home, employment, good friends…)
  • Call a postive, supportive friend,
  • Schedule a work out with a friend,
  • Give yourself a mani/pedicure,
  • Work in your garden for 10 minutes, (One of my all time faves, give me hours, not minutes)
  • Pick flowers, put them on your desk,
  • Buy one beautiful fragrant bloom for the place you spend the most time,
  • Put a small potted houseplant on your desk,
  • Start spring bulbs in the house during winter, (paperwhites are infusing our house¬†currently)
  • Curl up in your favorite blanket and rest for ten minutes,
  • Do something nice for a neighbor or friend,
  • Start a journal for yourself,
  • Practice progressive relaxation,
  • Laugh with your kids, make silly faces, have a tickle war, read a funny book, play a fun board game,
  • Give your spouse a neck rub, ask them to reciprocate,
  • Take a hot bath, or shower,
  • Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down for five minutes with a magazine, or watch the birds and savor your tea,
  • Schedule a coffee date with yourself (Spend an hour at a coffee shop while spouse or friend entertains kids at home),
  • Prioritize your list, you may only get to the top three items, be realistic about what you can accomplish in a day and let go of the rest!
  • Identify what is causing the most stress, determine what action you can take in the moment to resolve it, put it at the top of your to do list,
  • Find out if your employer offers EAP counseling sessions (Employee Assistance programs usually offer a set number of counseling sessions to employees and their family members at no cost to the employee!) Talk to a counselor about managing your stress more effectively.
  • Please add your own best stress reduction/ management techniques under comments! I would love to expand this list.


Manage your stress effectively- get outside!Be well and take excellent care of yourself,


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