Self Compassion in the Face of Adversity

Here are more questions to contemplate about self compassion.  

How do  you typically react to life difficulties?  How to do you take care of yourself during hard, challenging times?  How do you handle adversity?

How do you treat yourself when you run into challenges in your life?

Do you tend to ignore the fact that you’re suffering and focus exclusively on fixing the problem?

Or do you focus on fixing other peoples troubles?  Are you able to stop to give yourself care and comfort? 

Do you tend to get carried away by the drama of the situation, so that you make a bigger deal out of it than you need to, or do you tend to keep things in balanced perspective?

If you read these questions and realize that you are suffering, and that you are not tending to your own emotional needs, not practicing self compassion, then try the following: Get perspective from close friends, seek a therapist, work with a coach.  As women, as nurturers, and caretakers, it is often easier, more familiar to focus on the needs of others, to minimize our own needs even to our own detriment.  We may need an outside perspective to help us see what the picture more clearly, to give us permission or challenge us to focus on our self care, practice self compassion first.  Only when we are whole and well, can we help others, solve problems, or grieve effectively.

practice self care and compassionTake excellent care, you deserve it!


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