Practicing Kindness

Think about people who quietly make a difference to your community and thank them. Think of all the people in your life whose faces and names you’ll never know but who serve and protect you day after day.  Talk to your children about all that these people do.  Encourage their ideas, and have them participate in random acts of kindness!

  • Send some prepackaged treats like donuts or pastries to your local police station, paramedics, or fire department, with a card letting them know how much you appreciate their service to the community. But make sure to also acknowledge the people we take more for granted that make things tick- consider thanking your garbage man, mail carrier or janitor. (Since homemade desserts could be contaminated, unless they know you such homemade treats probably won’t be eaten, so it’s best to buy something from a reputable bakery.)
  • Send your child’s clean and good condition toys and books to a local preschool. Say thank you to the early childhood carers and teachers who do so much for young children.
  • Send a thank you note with a flower to your child’s teacher detailing what you appreciate about them, the positive impacts they have had on your child’s learning.
  • Pop over to your neighbor’s house with a freshly baked cookies.  Your neighbors are an important part of your community and they make a difference just by being there. Acknowledge their importance and role in your life.
  • Leave a potted flowering plant on a friends porch for no reason!

How have you been spreading the kindness?  This week and always?

blessings, Rachel






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