Practice grace and mindfulness daily for seven weeks: Patience

Most of us have learned to live life as a routine — we’ve stopped thinking about what we could do or would like to do, and instead only think about what we need to do.   Wake up, get dressed, get kids ready for day, make lunches, check backpacks, pack extra cloths, sports uniforms, get out the door on time… But living consciously is a choice we can make every moment.   Small changes in our daily automated routine will help shift our state of mind to cultivate a sense of grace, tranquility and calm, as well as increased meaning. Rather then surviving your day, live your day!

Today’s post will kick off a seven week series of posts pertaining to this topic, as we gear up for Fall, the holidays, and back to school routine.

This week I challenge you to practice patience. Practice patience towards yourself, and towards others.  Our patience is tested in small ways throughout each day. It may be morning traffic, a dawdling toddler, a long line at checkout, a talkative friend, our own shortcomings, or a particularly slow person walking in front of us.  Pay attention to your body’s impatience as well as your thought process. We may feel our neck tighten, our face flush, an urge to stomp our feet or yell.  We may have thoughts of physically moving someone out of the way, of plotting how to speed things up, or of angry irritation towards a person or situation.    Approach challenges to your patience with a compassionate mind and a calming breath for your body. You may try an affirmation such as “practice patience”, “slow down”, or “just breath”  with your breath.  Repeat several times.  

We are role models for our children, and they are watching.  This was driven home for me recently when my son asked me to do something.  I said a bit emphatically, “just a minute, you need to be patient”, and he replied, “but Mom, you always ask me to do things RIGHT NOW”.   And yes, I had recently been rather impatient with my children’s sense of time vs my own sense of timeliness.  So back to breathing for me!  Try inserting compassion and breathing into your week when the urge to rush or snap arises!  Slow your body down and think about your blessings for a moment.  Throughout the day and throughout the week!





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