PJ’s, swings, and waffles!

As we re-enter the work week, I am still reminiscing about our recent long weekend (Memorial Day here in the States).  This year my husband and I decided to stay home.  We set the intention to get projects around the house done, enjoy our kids and set the stage for summer.  The weather did not completely cooperate, but we were able to spend time outside, and we all learned from our weekend at home.  I mentioned the word “staycation”, which got a hearty thumbs down.  Regardless,  we made a list of house and yard projects, posted it on the fridge and promptly forgot about it.  Saturday, my son spent in PJ’s, while we created a swing in a big tree in the front yard.   Sunday went to the dog park, and visited our local building supply superstore to stock up on supplies.  No pressure, no deadlines. 
And now I remember the value in checking out of our electronic communication frenzy.  We used to go to remote wilderness areas to be out of cell and internet range.  But you can do the same thing at home if you choose.   Commit to minimal phone interactions, do not check your email.   Really focus on family, let people wonder what you are up to.  Relax in a hammock with your five year old.  Pick flowers with your 2 year old.  Eat waffles for dinner.  Build a cardboard rocket play house on a rainy day. Reconnect with your own inner child!   My son will remember this weekend as the day we wore PJ’s all day.  I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the last couple weeks of school, my work, and life in general.  (Having a new swing to play on is really nice too!)

I suggest planning this into your summer at some point!  What gets in your way of turning off your phone or computer and having mini vacation at home?

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