On Kindness

Did you know that it is officially Random Acts of Kindness week?  (It is.)”Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas

And Valentine’s Day is fast approaching along with piles of pink and red hearts, balloons, flowers, and candy popping up everywhere you go.   While stores capitalize on selling romance, and many couples make extravagant plans for the Valentines Day weekend,  our family is currently just feeling thankful for each other’s presence.   My husband’s mother experienced a major medical  crisis recently, which has superseded any petty worries we may have been focused on or any plans we may have had.   Nothing like a crisis to help you clarify your priorities, right?

My Mother in Law has always been generous and giving, and so rather then spending money on things, we are practicing kindness this week in honor of her and in recognition of Valentine’s Day.  (And yes, baking heart shaped cookies with several of my daughter’s friends to give to neighbors counts).  How can you practice meaningful acts of kindness in everyday life?

One easy idea: Share your Smile: When meeting a new person, or even chatting with an someone you know well, express joy. Show that you’re happy to be with them, and that they make you happy. If you meet someone who is grumpy and frowning, give them your smile. Ask them about their day, commiserate with them, and wish them well from this point on. 

(look for future posts on ways to spread kindness!)

Cheers and Happy V-Day



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