New Years Greetings! What are your intentions?

2014 is here.  What are your intentions this year?  Start a business? Complete your degree?  Exercise regularly?  Simplify?  As a mother, it can be really challenging to make our own needs a priority, to move towards our goals and dreams. Here are six common obstacles that come up in my work with mothers who are struggling to create the life balance they seek.  Which ones resonate for you?

(1) Guilt (The feeling driven by the belief that choosing to take time to work on things that are important to us means that we must take something away from our children.)

(2) Exhaustion (Sleepless nights and long days leave us drained of any energy, let alone creative energy.)

(3) “It’s not my time”, “I will focus on it later” (We often feel like our dreams need to be put off completely while we mother our children and function as family coordinator.)

(4) “I don’t have the time” (Life is so busy with covering basic necessities that we can’t fathom finding or making time for any personal goals or pursuits.)

(5) Not enough support from spouse (It is hard for spouses to understand our needs and hopes and goals – especially if we don’t fully explain them and/or if we don’t support their needs, hopes and goals.)

(6) “I don’t deserve it” (It may seem noble to put our children, spouse, family, and friends needs ahead of our own – but what are we modeling for our children, and how are we teaching others to treat us?)

Need help clarifying your intentions this year?  And more importantly developing a game plan to overcome these obstacles and move towards less overwhelm, improved self care, healthier relationships?  Call or email me today for a complimentary consultation!



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