Gratitude, Try it!

Gratitude. What do you have to be grateful for? What are your
blessings? Who do you appreciate?
Healthy active children?
A supportive spouse?
Your own health?
Kind neighbors?

Take a few minutes today to practice gratitude. Jot down a list of
your blessings. It can be a powerful reframe when you find yourself in a negative, stressed out, overwhelmed space to focus on the positives.
We can easily get caught up listing our partners deficits, identifying
what we wish were different about our life, or pining after what do
not have. So I challenge you to give gratitude a try.
You might find it helpful in those moments when your children are bouncing
off the walls to be grateful they are so healthy and energetic. Your husband may be home late from work, but thankfully he has a job! Verbalize your appreciations. Speak freely about positive helpful behavior in your children, supportive actions from your spouse, the nice weather…

There are countless opportunities through out the day to bring your
mind back to gratitude and to share this appreciation with others!  For more on self care go to

Blessings, Rachel

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