Expectations, dogs and mirrors

Here is a funny little story, that has a some to do with parenting, but more to do with our expectations.  So as some of you may know, we adopted a rescue pitbull on Valentines Day, and we are still getting to know her.  She is great with kids, loves people of all kinds, and is generally pretty calm.  We have noticed that she gets anxious about her reflection in the picture window at night, so have gotten in the habit of closing the curtains so she can not see herself. 

So last night, while my husband and I are outside enjoying the garden on a summer evening, I hear barking in the house, which is unusual for her.  Kids are asleep so I poke my head in, and see her running around the house, barking at our bedroom.  She runs towards the door, points to the corner where the closets are, and backs out.  I have just finished a day seeing clients, one of whom is still processing a home invasion.  I immediately become convinced that someone has entered our home and is hiding in the bedroom closet.  Why else would our otherwise calm dog be freaking out, and pointing at the bedroom?  I insist that my husband check it out.  I am not going in there myself if the dog won’t even enter the room. 

So he reluctantly comes in, and we soon realize that the dog has found herself in the full length mirror which is hanging next to the closet door.  With us in there calling her, she comes in, cocks her head, sniffs the bottom of the mirror, nudges her reflection with her nose, jumps back… barks a couple more times and stares at herself in the mirror.  We laugh about it and try to calm her down.

I am considering a curtain for the mirror, but also thinking about my reaction.  Interesting how our expectations can shape our perception of reality. 

How are your expectations shaping yours?

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