Announcing counseling group for moms!

Who: This group is for you if you need new practical effective ways to manage your anxiety, prioritize your own self care and grow to become a more present and mindful parent, partner, and woman. New mothers, seasoned mothers, mothers to be! Little babies (immobile) welcome, but you may get more out of the experience if you can find childcare for them! 

Why: Motherhood, while joyful and exciting, is also stressful. If you coped with anxiety before becoming a mother, it is very likely that becoming a mother did not reduce your anxiety. In fact, if you are like many women, motherhood increased your anxiety exponentially. Not joyful motherhood itself, but the many changes that come with transitioning into motherhood; major hormonal changes, increased responsibility, sleep deprivation, strain on relationships, shifting priorities, new health concerns, the list can go on and on.
Facilitated by me, mom, wife, sister, therapist, and coach, Rachel Starck, LPC.

503 929-2773   Limited space still available!!!!

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