Zen Mama Health and Wellness Summit!


If you are thinking of becoming a mom, are a brand new mama or a have been a mother for many years, you won’t want to miss this free online event which I am participating in!

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I will be giving a talk about juggling motherhood with our multiple other roles of wife, friend, daughter, sister, and professional to name a few.  I will touch on the challenges we face in our relationships, in parenting, and in managing our own stress.  And as always, I focus on practical, in the moment exercises, skills you can take with you and apply to your day! 

Plus, there will be a panel of brilliant experts interviewed about balancing hormones, awesome fitness routines, finally releasing the baby weight and even getting your sexy back! It’s going to be jammed packed with useful tips and I know you won’t want to miss it.

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Most health and wellness seminars are pricey and time consuming. With travel, hotel and ticket prices it’s almost impossible to make it. The great news about The Zen Mama Health and Wellness Summit is that it’s all done online, there’s no travel required and it’s totally FREE!! Now can you see why I’m so excited about this and wanted to make sure that you reserve your spot?!

 It all starts April 6th and I know you won’t want to miss a thing!

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Can’t wait to see you there!




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