Are you Depressed? Anxious? Experiencing a loss, Relationship troubles, Major life transition?

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, irritability, lack of focus, grieving a loss, having relationship challenges, or coping with a major life transition, then counseling may be effective for you.  Get the help and support you need!

I provide counseling from a cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approach. This means examining your thoughts and beliefs to determine how they impact your feelings and behaviors. We will look at what you have the power to change. Then reframe thoughts or beliefs, and identify steps, skills, and tools, to help you to implement the change you are seeking. Issues I work with most often are depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, transition, relationships, and parenting. I draw on my training and experience as a substance abuse counselor as well, which I find useful in my work with many clients who may not necessarily be addicts but who are struggling with related issues themselves or with family members.

My services may be covered in part or in full by your insurance plan. Click here for questions to ask your insurance provider!

I find that a 50-minute session is usually most effective, however if we determine that a 30-minute or 90-minute session suits your needs best, I am flexible.

Sessions are billed as follows:

  • $155 for an initial interview session
  • $120 for subsequent 45 minute counseling sessions
  • $135 for subsequent 60 minute counseling sessions
  • $145  subsequent 60 minute family/couples counseling sessions
  • $65 for 30-minute session
  • $185 for 90-minute session

Rates apply to individual, couples, or family sessions in person or by phone.

How Do I Pay?

Payments are due at time of service and can be made using cash, checks, debit or credit cards in the office.
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