Mental Health Care Benefits

Navigating health care benefits can feel mindbogglingly overwhelming and frustrating, yet I encourage you to use benefits if you have them!  While I am paneled with Regence BC/BS, Moda, PacificSource, Aetna, Mental Health Net, First Choice, and Veterans Choice Program, I require that we verify benefits before we begin in order to avoid unpleasant mis-information about coverage.

I utilize an excellent billing service, MindEase Billing, who will call you once we are scheduled to get your insurance information, verify benefits, let us both know what coverage you will have for my services, and then will submit claims as we work together.

You may investigate your benefits for yourself as well.  Here are some handy questions to ask your insurance company:

  • What mental health benefits are covered by my plan?
  • Are Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) covered by my plan?
  • Does the counselor need to be in network? Can they verify if a specific counselor will be covered? Ask them to look up Rachel Starck, LPC on their provider list (or whomever you will be seeing).
  • Do I have a deductible, how much?
  • What will my co-pay be?
  • Do I need pre-authorization for mental health services to be covered? What do I need to do to obtain pre-authorization?
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