What are your summer priorities?

Summer is here, and moving into full swing.  I have taken a break from blogging in the interest of practicing what I preach- self care.  For a few months, I had to step back and assess priorities in order to determine where I needed to put my energy.  It turns out that I do not have an endless supply, contrary to my old beliefs.  Writing, among other things went on the chopping block temporarily, while family time, yoga, gym time, and my other business rose to the top.  
So, I am happy to return feeling refreshed, and ready to tackle summer, blogging and all!   There are many, many benefits to making your self-care a priority.  For me, practicing self-care, (prioritizing my needs along with those of others sometimes ahead of others), has helped me to be more easy-going and to learn to “go with the flow”.  It has helped me to see that little things stay little (my daughter writing on the walls, or my 8 year old son having a complete meltdown when his sister gets the last popsicle, the ongoing bedtime struggle, the half painted dining room which I started months ago).   This perspective allows me to be more present in the moment with my children, my spouse, and my friends.  I am feeling more compassionate and patient towards others (whether it’s a waitress, family member, car mechanic or colleague).  And sometimes, (not always, but more often then before) I am able to connect with that deeper sense of peace, that things will be ok, even if it is 11pm, my daughter has gotten out of bed twelve times, and my husband and I are trying to discuss his mother’s deteriorating health.

It is officially summer.  Make your summer bucket list: revel in lazy weekend mornings with the kids, camping in the back yard, throwing water balloons, picking fresh berries, but also, put your own needs on your list.  What rejuvenates you?  What feeds your soul? If you could do anything for yourself, what would it be?  Start now!



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