Week 3 of grace and mindfulness: express love

How is your day going?  Are you bogged down in details, surviving the daily grind? Are you racing around feeding the dog, carpooling kids to school, paying bills, rushing to a meeting, forgetting a coat for yourself, and feeling lucky to have remembered to brush your own hair?  Slow down!  Take a minute to bring awareness into your day.  Try this: tell three people you love them. How good does it feel to hear the words “I love you?”  Many of us simply do not say it often enough to the people who need to hear it.  Instead, we take our time with others for granted until we no longer have them in our lives. Call three people you care about today and tell them just how much you love them, what you appreciate about them, how their presence enriches your life. Consider calling someone you don’t speak to on a daily basis, but think about often, and expressing to them your heartfelt affection.  If you like feeling loved, validated, and affirmed, then dole it out.  Spreading love is contagious, and the more you share it the more you will receive it. (And you are modeling a valuable skill to your children by practicing this exercise!)

Our choice of actions carries us through life day by day. But when our actions fail to include conscious decisions, we limit our capacity and well-being. The true power and purpose of our potential becomes evident when we choose to interrupt our routine to practice mindfulness and sprinkle small reminders of grace into our everyday life.

Be Well,


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