Week 2 of Grace and Mindfulness: Thankfulness

Last week, we focused on cultivating patience.  We practiced compassion, and mindful breathing to contain our impatience, gain grace and experience mindful presence in our every day lives.

This week I challenge you to Thank Yourself.  We cultivate the habit of saying thank you to everyone.  Notice through out your day, how many “thank yous” you put out there.  We train our children to thank each other all the time — for sharing toys, opening doors, clearing the table, and helping in general. But when is the last time you thanked yourself?

Try this:  stand in front of a mirror and smile at your reflection. Express self-gratitude in a few simple words. Thank yourself for your hard work, your commitment to family, your community involvement, your ever evolving efforts to improve yourself, your generous nature, and your drive to succeed.  Make your own list!    Take credit where it is due.  So many women shrink away from accepting compliments, from taking credit for their awesome work.  
Nurture yourself, appreciate yourself, rejuvenate your reserves in order that you can continue caring for and nurturing others.

Blessings, Rachel



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