Valentines Day

Self CareJust a quick note today regarding Valentines Day.  I just returned from my son’s first grade classroom, where the kids are all excited about candy and hearts.  Now I am getting ready to take a nap.  I decided for Valentines Day, while I have expressed appreciation for everyone else in my life, I also need to express appreciation for myself.  Thus the nap.  I do not need things, or treats.  What I need is rest.

So as you go about your day, spreading red hearts, roses and chocolates, don’t forget to think about yourself.  Perhaps you do desire fancy chocolates, treat yourself.   Perhaps you desire to spend a couple hours lost in a new intriguing book.  Go ahead, treat yourself.  Forget about vaccuming, laundry or emails for two hours.  Take a nap, indulge in a bubble bath, treat yourself to fragrant flowers or a pedicure.  Just don’t forget you!  We must appreciate ourselves before we can sustainably pass on the appreciation to others.

So I am off for a blissful catnap!  Happy Valentines Day to you!


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