Thriving Mama Thursdays!


Introducing Thriving Mama Thursdays!  I have reserved Fridays for myself.  I do not schedule work related appts, although I may take care of adminstrative tasks, or run errands. I prefer to hold that space for family, friends, self, and our home, making it a long weekend whenever possible.  Due to this, Thursday feels like my Friday.  As I continue my quest along with all of you, to practice better self care, to reduce stress in healthy effective ways, and to be the best me I can, I will share quick practical mama care tips every Thursday, in hopes that you can carry the theme of self care into your weekend as well!

This lovely September Thursday I invite you to carry gratitude into your weekend.  My close mama friend lost her own mother suddenly and unexpectedly this week.   I am so very keenly aware of how precious our time and health are.  More so then ever before.  Be thankful, appreciate each other, your children, your health, your spouse, appreciate them in present.   Start this very minute!

Be well, all you thriving mamas!

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