Thriving Mama Thursday- Spirituality

Feeling drained? Tired? Rushed? Exhausted by the thought of holiday preparations?  Take a break, and get back to the meaning behind this season!  This month is a great time to revive or begin a spiritual practice. For many people around the world, the month of December is a time to celebrate love, re-birth and our connection to Spirit. There are many wonderful opportunities to enjoy a spirit-filled holiday through music, dance, seasonal religious rituals, chanting, special prayer/meditation services, nature activities and more.

What does the holiday season represent to you? What feeds you spiritually?  What recharges you?  Taking a quiet moment reflecting on the past year; your many blessings, losses and challenges?  Fresh flowers in your bedroom?  Lounging for a moment to read a meaningful poem or scripture?  Attending a local choir performance? Indulge your spirit, reconnect with your higher power.

Be well, through this season and beyond!



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