Thriving Mama Thursday-Fall energy

With Fall officially here, what will you do with your seasonal energy burst?  Harvest, Halloween and Thanksgiving displays are going up everywhere.  What does fall mean for you? for your family?  Many of us experience extra energy with the change of season.  Energy to prepare for winter? Creative energy to reflect inward? Freed up energy because kids are back in school?  Access to energy that dissapated in the heat of summer?  Energy to harvest?…

In horse back riding terms, you “collect” your horses energy as you prepare to run, jump or perform a focused task. You do this physically by gathering the reins while gently pushing the animal forward with your legs, thus “collecting up” the forward moving energy to release at your command.  This communicates to the animal that you are preparing to ask him or her to stay focused and ready for what ever comes next. 

I liken this season to “collecting” your energy in preparation for winter renewal and then a spring burst.  Try “collecting” yourself and use your energy intentionally this week (and this season) to accomplish tasks you have been putting off!

As always, call me if you would like to further develop your strategy for being the you that you dream of being!

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