The Best Valentines

The red heart balloons are everywhere, flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals bearing hearts and more candy.   Everything now comes in the Valentine’s Day color scheme, pink and red M&Ms, pink foil wrapped Hershey’s Kisses, clothes, pet toys.  So much to buy.  Must spend to show your love… But wait,

I like the holiday.  I like that my mother sometimes left a little surprise for me on Valentines Day when I was young, sometimes a single flower, sometimes a new hair clip, sometimes a note.  It warmed my day.  
Now, I acknowledge the holiday myself.  I collect pink and and red scraps of ribbons, paper, and shiny things to construct valentines with my children and any other children who happen to be around.  I try to surprise someone with a little special treat.  My husband and I go back and forth on celebrating the Hallmark Holiday, sometimes chocolates, sometimes flowers, sometimes a nice dinner, on occasion due to simply surviving, nothing material.  But my very favorite Valentines are from kids.  Kids who are clients, who use the opportunity to express appreciation or affection.  My own kids, saying “I love you” for no reason through out the day, who bring me special rocks or pine cones they carefully saved through the day “for you, mommy”.

So despite the giant marketing campaigns, and materialistic focus, it is worth pondering how we show others that we care, that we appreciate them, love or value them?  And not only on Feb 14th, but everyday.  And while on the topic of care and value, take the day to review how you care and value yourself.  It does not have to be a Hallmark only holiday.

What are your favorite Valentines?


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