Relationship TLC

Dear Thriving Mamas,

I am very excited to introduce an upcoming online coaching program which will offer you the tools you need to improve your marriage, partnership, long term relationship, (or what ever you refer to it as). 

The program, Relationship TLC  is an 8 week email course delivered to you twice weekly, developed with you in mind, working mamas, struggling to juggle marriage, motherhood, careers and everything else!  Content will consist of information, case studies, and weekly relationship tools, tips and challenges for you to apply in your everyday life to improve your relationship, even if your spouse is unwilling to get help as a couple!

Is your marriage or long term relationship feeling rocky?  Less satisfying? More challenging?
Are you feeling like you and your partner are on different planets since having children? What worked before, may not work now? Or perhaps rifts that were small before have deepened with the added responsibilities and challenges of parenting?

Do you feel at a loss when it comes to communicating?  Does it feel like you are speaking different languages?

Are you and your partner disagreeing on parenting approaches?

Do you have trouble resolving conflicts?

Are you feeling angry, resentful, disappointed with your relationship?

 Maybe your partner refuses to go to couples counseling?  Or neither of you feel you have the time?

What can you do if partner is reluctant to talk about the issues or if he/she sees no need for professional intervention?

 One place to start is to take control of what you have the power to change (you, your choices, responses, reactions).  This may be accomplished through individual or couples counseling, or life coaching, depending on which approach is more appropriate.

Not ready to commit to one on one coaching right now? Get started with our Relationship TLC Program, now available online.  No scheduling conflicts, move at your own pace, receive weekly information, challenges, exercises to get your marriage/relationship back on track, and establish healthy sustainable patterns.

Learn skills and shift your thinking to build and maintain a healthy, happy, fulfilling relationship.
Practicing skills to improve your marriage/relationship/intimate partnerships, will also benefit your parenting approach!

 “It’s the rare couple that doesn’t, sooner or later, run into a few bumps in the road. If you recognize ahead of time what those relationship problems can be, you’ll have a much better chance of weathering the storm, experts say.

Ideally, a couple should discuss certain basic issues — such as money, sex, and kids — before they decide to start their life together much less start a family together. Of course, even when you do discuss these issues beforehand, marriage,  (or a long-term, live-in relationship), or parenthood it is nothing like you think it’s going to be.”

Let me walk you through 8 weeks of Relationship TLC!  Great value, what do you have to loose?  Take the first step towards creating the relationship you deserve

Sign up today 

***This program is for you if you are struggling with anger, frustration, resentment, or conflicts not related to infidelity, domestic abuse, addiction, or untreated mental health issues.  These are issues that may require a more intensive therapeutic approach.  Please seek counseling for yourself, as this program is not intended as a substitute for professional counseling.

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