Re-frame those New Years Resolutions

I just read somewhere that by the 10th of January, a very high percent of folks have already ditched their New Years Resolutions.  10 days in?  Really?  Here are three tips to help you follow your vision for the year.

1. Well, I for one, did not make any hard and fast resolutions, but rather thought about a word that represented how I want to shape my year. I have posted that word in places to remind me of my focus for the year. My word can be applied to all areas of my life, and serves as a guide as I make choice daily.  What word will guide you in 2013?

2. And instead of compiling the laundry list of goals you “Should” strive for, try reflecting on the past year.  Think about goals and  challenges that were met, accomplishments made, milestones passed, adventures had.  Don’t be so hard on yourself before the future even arrives.  Practice self compassion and get some perspective by acknowledging your progress, accomplishments, and the juggling act that you perform on a daily basis in motherhood.   This will carry you into the New Year feeling positive about your abilities.

3.  Identify 12 baby steps that you come back to each month.  You might take your wall calender and jot down a practical, attainable goal or focus for each month.  For example if your big vision is to de-clutter the house, break it into small steps like “organizing entry way, clean out junk drawers, cull children’s closet and donate”.

Aren’t you curious about my word?  Stay tuned!

Happy New Year to You,


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