Post Partum Boots

I have been slowly upgrading my wardrobe as I am increasingly aware of  “temporary post partum” cloths that were purchased after the birth of my son nearly 7 years ago, looking a bit tired.  Of course this is a process in itself, to accept that you may not ever fit into pre-pregnancy cloths, and that you may as well update your closet in the size you are, rather then wearing sloppy post maternity cloths indefinitely.  Anyway, inlcuded in my tired “to be retired pile”, was my favorite pair of black boots.  Black leather with some texture, big chunky heel.  Boots that can go from home, to dog park, to the office, and out for happy hour with the girls comfortably and stylishly.  Sadly, after years of wear, they have developed a ripped seam and are not looking so hot.  Anyway, I headed out on a mission to replace them, hitting up our local thrift stores first, (and donating a few bags while there).

I am feeling good having purged the closet, and deciding I deserve some new boots.  I am focused and clear on my plan.  I try on many shoes, and boots, none of which are the perfect blend of comfort, style, and practicality for my many roles, most of which require that I walk, run, stand, climb, chase, etc. 

Next thing I know, I am leaving the store having purchased a pair of brand new black with orange sole, mud boots.  You know, your classic barn cleaning, puddle stomping mud boots. 

So much for my new polished mom image…  My neighbor and mom friend immediately pointed out the practicality, bless her heart.  And I am getting a good chuckle about how my life has changed.  I am determined to find myself a new pair of sassy stylish black boots but not today.  Today I am looking forward to my next long beach walk with the family in my new comfortable, waterproof mud boots!


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