Lessons in Letting Go

Attachments: important for parent child bonding, but cumbersome in many other arenas.  Attached to things being done a certain way? Your way?  Attached to material objects?   As winter settles in complete with wild wind and rain storms, I am reflecting on the recent but fading summer.  I am reminiscing about my mothers passing as we approach our first holiday season without her.   Granted we have been saying goodbye, letting go on many levels for 10 years, or one might argue, since birth.  Over the past several years, she retreated into herself as her cognitive functioning deteriorated until she did not recognize her children or grandchildren.   Her body became sort of a space holder, she was physically there, but not available to participate.  And we all worked to let go of old expectations, and accept her new, current level of functioning which changed daily.

And now two months nearly to the date of her death, I continue to practice letting go on different levels.  It is a process that started such a long time ago, and will continue for a long time.  The only constant is change.  We are always letting go of something on some level.  It is when we cling rigidly to the way things are, what we know, who we know, that we become stuck, resentful, fearful, brittle…  So take a look at yourself this season.   Winter solstice is not too far away.  What will you let go of?




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