Happy Spring!

Spring is time for renewalSpring has certainly sprung and if you are like me you are thrilled to get an extra hour of sunlight at the end of your day. No excuses not to get out into the fresh air (between rain and snow showers here in Portland) and take that walk after you close down for the day! Hope you are enjoying some lovely weather where ever you are, and that you remember to stop and smell the flowers. Getting out into nature does wonders to make you feel vibrant and alive.  So add time outside to your self care plan today!

As the season shifts, it is a great time to reveiw progress you have made towards your goals, your daily, monthly goals,  as well as longer term plans.  Sit down for a few minutes outside, in a comfortable place.  My favorite spot is wicker loveseat on the covered patio, complete with cushions and a wool blanket.  From this spot, I watch rain, hail, lightening, snow, sun, leaves unfurling, and listen to thunder, birds, and a range neighborhood noises through out the seasons while tending to my journal.  It happens that it is hidden from view of the back door, so I can carve out a few moments of solitude in an otherwise hectic daily routine.   It may be a time to reassess your goals.  Are they realistic? Relevant? Perhaps your life has changed, or perhaps you have accomplished short term goals and it is time to set new ones, to move you further towards the long term goals you are working towards this year, or five years!

So harness the energy of the season, and keep taking excellent care of yourself.

Be Well,



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