Busy or happy?

What is a balanced life?   Being busy certainly isn’t the answer.  Being fulfilled is the most important component to a balanced life. 

Daily, many women ask me about balance, self-care and priorities.  As moms, we all struggle with our choices and wondering whether we are making the best choices for ourselves.  Here are three strategies that have helped me maintain my clarity regarding balance. 

 1. Balance is not a destination, it is a journey.  In order to enjoy the journey, you must always remember your priorities and the tools that you will need for your current location.

2. Priorities are what is most important to you.  Remember to honor your prioritizes from the inside out and not based on external obligations: should, would or ought.

3. Values are what make your life meaningful and give you a sense of fulfillment and purpose.  i.e. family game night = quality time.  No one else can define what is valuable to you.

We have so many choices around us! I want to challenge you to learn to choose what is best for you daily.

wishing you health and happiness,


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