Be real. Dare to take off your mask!

My mama friends and I have begin meeting monthly for “book club” (aka mama’s only happy hour). No kids, no spouses. The other day, I was struck by the diverse roles we all play in our daily lives. We are a couple of stay home moms, part time private practice moms, teacher moms, business owner moms, and full time government employee moms. But what we all have in common, is how overwhelmed we often feel in motherhood. This group is a safe place for us to be real.

The truth is that we all are overwhelmed at different stages of motherhood. I appreciate each and every one of my mama friends who share their struggles to balance “self care time” , cook dinner, clean clothes, maintain the household, pay bills, go to work outside the home, run a business, and I could go on and on as you well know.

Too often, moms try to hide their struggles in trying to “do it all” and it just isolates us from the resources, support and the pat on the back that we really need. Maybe you don’t have a close knit group of women to be real with. Maybe you have absorbed the popular cultural message that playing “supermom” is a realistic goal, and don’t want to let on that its not working for you.

What do you need to get honest about? Are you willing to tell someone and release this burden or do you want to continue wearing the your mask? Hiding behind an unrealistic ideal image? You get to choose.

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