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Conflict to Growth Recording

From Conflict to Growth:

Learn how to navigate your marital disagreements more effectively, while you strengthen and grow your relationship!

  • Is your marriage plagued by petty arguments over inconsequential details?
  • Or have you noticed a pattern of disagreement over bigger issues, that never seem to get resolved, only fester until the next blow up?
  • Are rifts that were small before, increasing with the added responsibilities and challenges of parenting?
  • Do you feel at a loss when it comes to communicating?  Does it feel like you are speaking different languages?
  • Are you and your partner embattled over parenting approaches, finances, or sex?
  • Do you have trouble resolving conflicts?
  • Are you feeling angry, resentful, disappointed with your relationship?

If you answered yes to even one of the above questions, you will benefit from listening to  this call.

Discussed in this call:
How stress affects our ability to resolve conflict,
The importance of mindfulness or emotional awareness in during conflict,
Practical tips, and skills to ensure that your conflict resolution process goes positively

During this call you will:
1. Learn what you need in order to engage in effective conflict resolution,
2. Develop your own working definition of sucessful conflict resolution,
3. Identify atleast three ideas you will try this week to facilitate more effective conflict resolution in your relationship.




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