Cultivating Harmony- Free call!

Dear Thriving Mamas,

Has the holiday season taken a toll on your marriage or relationship in years past?  Is your marriage already feeling strained? Have you put it on the back burner while you prepare for the holiday onslaught?  Are outside stressors looming, such as finances, unemployment, health concerns, extended family drama?

Are you already anxious about the multiple demands placed on you by friends, family, work, traditions, and now you and your partner are fighting, bickering, growing distant and resentful.  You think, it’s is not fair, this is supposed to be time of magic, warmth, inspiration, making family memories. 

If this is you, let me help you!  It can be warm and inspired!

Join me for a free tele-seminar, on maintaining your relationship through the holidays: Cultivating Harmony! During this call we will cover three essential tips for creating harmony at home through out this holiday season (and beyond)! 

You and your spouse are the foundation of your family, and tending to your relationship is the key to creating and maintaining a nurturing, warm, and harmonious environment.


Sign up here to attend the call

Thursday, Nov 17, 2011 at noon (PST).


It will be recorded, so even if you cannot make the call live, sign up so we can send you the link to the recording!


Hope to “see” you there!


Health and Wellness


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