Thriving Mama Thursday: What does your child see?

I found a practical online resource for parenting more mindfully, and one of the suggestions was to slow down and view the world from your child’s perspective. The other day my 3 year old daughter helped me to do this. She was playing with a random plastic army dude that my son found in a campsite many camp trips ago. She said ” Look Mommy, this girl has a hairbrush, she’s going to brush she’s hair” pointing to the rifle in the army guys hand. This is how she sees the world. Army guys with guns are not part of her reality, so she applies her experience to the moment. In the next moment she reexamined the toy, and commented “maybe its a gun and she will shoot the bad guys like Bubba does”. (Bubba being her nickname for her older brother, who is very much into playing with his dart guns, nerf guns, squirt guns and any stick that can be used in the make believe battle waging between good and evil in our back yard). “Maybe it could be a hairbrush,” I replied thoughtfully.

Oh, check out this page offering excercises to promote mindful parenting: mindful parenting exercises

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